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    • Sunday | 5:00pm
    • Sunday, 5:00pm - 6:30pm
      Location:  Franklin Bar - The Delano Hotel Lobby
      Session Type: Special Event
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  • IT's Role In Preventing Marketing Goofs

    Jonathan Feldman  |  CIO, City of Asheville
    Location:  Banyan D
    Session Type: Workshop
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    Not only will the CMO never take over for the CIO, but the CMO may need help from the CIO with marketing. Unbelievable? Yet, large enterprises move ponderously, and many are still stuck in the old world of mass marketing instead of the new world of inbound, content marketing. Those enterprises that do not seek ongoing, permission-based connection with customers are doomed - we'll share why. And, those that don't create highly usable, easy systems are doomed to "bounce" customers away from revenue producing sites instead of cashing in. Learning dramatically new things, making sense of them, and helping others understand them is what IT pros are really good at; we'll share how IT can help move the organization's marketing and user experience forward and prevent goof-ups.