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    • Sunday | 5:00pm
    • Sunday, 5:00pm - 6:30pm
      Location:  Franklin Bar - The Delano Hotel Lobby
      Session Type: Special Event
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  • Sri ShivanandaVP, Global Platform & InfrastructureeBay Inc.

    Supporting eBay Inc's technology infrastructure is like running a mid-sized company. Sri Shivananda leads the Global Platform and Infrastructure team that powers eBay Inc. businesses each with more than 100 million active users as well as eBay's 500 million listings and Paypal's $5500/second in payments. eBay Inc infrastructure supports billions of page views every day, 10s of millions of user sessions and greater than 200B internal service and database transactions within the data centers. Sri has been with eBay for more than 15 years working his way from software engineer to Vice President of Global Platform and Infrastructure. He oversees all of core technologies covering data centers, internal private cloud, online and offline data infrastructure, internal developer frameworks and tools and various platform services. Sri found his way to eBay via the acquisition of and was instantly excited by the massive opportunity to solve complex problems with technology. In the past decade, eBay's site has grown exponentially in feature set and software. Sri has worked with his team to embrace this massive growth as well as supporting modern trends in ecommerce such as mobile, local. For example, the team keeps the technology platform for the largest business units across eBay Inc. Sri is a strong leader who has relentlessly driven technology innovations to manage high-risk projects that keep the world's largest online marketplace and leading online payments provider up and running. Sri describes his role at eBay as, "the best job a geek could ask for." eBay Inc. is unique in its large amounts of data and traffic that allow Sri to come to work each day with new opportunities to "geek out" and come up with creative solutions. Sri has stayed at eBay for both this opportunity to solve different complex challenges each day as well as support the 25 million sellers who make up the eBay community and in many cases depend on the site to make a living. Find Sri on Twitter: @srishivananda